NiMH rechargeable batteries


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NiMH rechargeable batteries

Hey guys/gals-

Since we have two small children with all the requisite battery operated toys, we invested in quite a few NiMH rechargeable batteries, particularly AA batteries. We bought mostly Energizer brand, and have probably recharged them/discharged them AT MOST 10 times, most less. Even after putting them in their NiMH charger (NiMH selected on the charger), they really aren't putting out much power. I put the batteries on the voltmeter, and they're reading 1.2V to 1.3V when they come out of the charger, but once under load in a toy, they become very weak and don't last very long. Any ideas what is causing their life to be so short? Even my 2400mah batteries aren't carrying a load for very long. Is one better off just spending the bucks on regular batteries instead of these more expensive rechargeable batteries?

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Your battery voltage measurment is about right for the NiMH batteries. I recently went with the Rayovac 15 minute recharge batteries for a digital camera. So far, so good. I've been using the slower charge NiMH batteries in another camera for quite a while and haven't had any problems. Perhaps your charger isn't working right. That's about all I can come up with given the information you provided.
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Check the manufacturer's specs on the batteries, and the toy manufacturer's recommendations. Some battery types are excellent for long duration very slow drain; some types are better for hi-drain application like toys.
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Batteries hold a higher charge if you fully use them up before recharging. Using just a little and then recharging reduces their capacity significantly.

Also, not all battery-powered things are suitable for rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries have different power characteristics than regular batteries. Check the information that came with the toy to see if rechargeables are allowed.
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I use NiMH batteries is a 36" R/C model boat. They seem to work well but I haven't put too many hours on the model yet. My bath tube 'sea trials' came out well and I was impressed with the power but I wouldn't expect to run at 75% power for more than about 10 to 15 minutes total. Short run times are about par for the course. I can't imagine having to buy new batteries after every run. Rechargables are still way cheaper.
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I use NiMH batteries quite heavily. I am not familiar with the Energizer brand in this category. What I have found is that some NiMH batteries are better then others.

Pay attention to the charger. Some chargers are not capable of charging the newer higher capacity batteries.

Finally, charge the batteries as they are used. If you use two at a a time in a device, then charge those two at a time. Do not mix and match batteries of different charge states in a charger. This is not good for the batteries because the stronger one will "leak" it;s charge to the weaker one even as the charger is attempting to charge them.
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you should leave the batteries on charge for at least 10 hours.also you cannot fully charge 2400 mah batteries with a standard AA charger see or both sites give info on nimh batteries

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