Running Sub


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Running Sub

In workshop running a sub panel to the other end of the garage about 50 ft.

Workshop has it's own 200 amp service entrance.

Running 2" Sch 40 Pvc 50 ft from main to sub (100 amp) with THHN 2 gauge.


Between the main and the sub in the 2" conduit I wish to have 3 220 volt
recepticle for welder and other shop equipment.

ASSUMING I have proper conduit fill and will be adding additional conductors in same 2" sch 40 from the main for these recepticles, how do I "tie" into the 2 " pvc 40 for these recepticles/boxes??

3/4 or 1" would be only requirement if I ran these circuits individually


Main svc------recepticle----------recepticle----------recepticle------sub


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I'd recommend you do the feeder as if the branch circuit wasn't even there, and do the branch circuit as if the feeder wasn't even there. In other words, keep them 100% separate.
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Thanks John

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