Lost Power


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Lost Power

I recently installed a dishwasher did not use direct wiring but used a plug. I plugged in behind the wall oven. Ran dishwashed twice and all worked fine.
Now, I have no power to this outlet, also no power to a switch located in the next room.

The problem is not the dishwasher, I ran an extension and it worked fine.

I reset all GFI'S and no breakers were tripped. I have power to all other outlets. Still no power to outlet or switch.
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Find the breaker for this cicuit. Switch it off then on. Some brands of breakers still look on when they are tripped.
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I assume that nothing that you plug into that outlet (behind the stove) works. I would first open it up and check for any loose connections. I would first turn of the breaker.
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Lost Power

I switched all the circuit in the breaker box off than on to . Still did not work. I also took out the wall oven and checked for loose wires, then replaced it with a new recepticle. I'm lost. I appreciate you help.
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Were the connections to the outlet backstabbed? You might have another backstabbed connection upstream somewhere that has failed. Are the outlet and switch the only devices that have failed? The problem could be on the downstream side of another outlet, so it still has power. Start taking apart outlets. Also check the connections in the box with the switch.
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Is the wall oven 110 or 220? Was the receptacle you plugged the DW into already in use by the oven? Good chance that this is a dedicated receptacle ( comes direct from the breaker, does not have any other outlets on the circuit). The DW/oven combo may have overloaded the breaker. Recheck carefully that all breakers are reset. Then, you need an electrician to check the output side of the breaker to see if it is live. Just more detective work from there.

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