GFCI circuit debug


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GFCI circuit debug

I installed five circuits with GFCIs in an outbuilding. Two circuits are dead. The reset buttons would not stay down. I totally unwired the GFCIs and the resets would still not stay down. I assume that the units are dead. Is it typical that 2 in 5 units are DOA?

While I was thinking through the problem, a theortical question arose. If the plug unit was okay and worked with just the line connected, but failed when the flow through load of a single duplex plug is attached (metal boxes 10 feet apart through EMT), what does one do next to fix the system? Replace all downstream wire and plugs?
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Could be:
(1) Bad devices.
(2) Miswired "line" vs. "load".
(3) Ground fault downstream.

Start by disconnecting the load side wires. Then see if the device can be reset. Then test the line side wires to make sure they are really hot.
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I double checked Line vs Load - 99% certain that I got that right. I bypassed the GFCI as a test by tying the disconnected hot and neutral wires respectively together with wire nuts and tested power in the downstream socket. It worked, so I conclude that the line is indeed powered. What if it is a ground fault? How do I go about finding and correcting it?
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Is there a shared neutral in these circuits?

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