Looking for handtool....


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Looking for handtool....

I have been looking for a screwdriver, phillips # 3 head with an 8 inch shaft (not overall length. So far I havent found it anywhere. Anyone know where I can get one? Snap On, Matco, Mac, Klien, SK, Craftsman, Husky, Stanley, and all lines of Cooper tools do not make it. Thanks
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Maybe post int he hardware section under tools?

HD sells a 7 piece Klein set of hand tools. I really like them for electrical work. But then again, if the screw has the option for phillips or a fatty flathead, I'll use the flathead in a heart beat.
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More bad news: neither Wiha
nor Wera
do either.

Best suggestion I have would be to get a screwdriver handle with interchangeable bits and get a bit long enough to do what you need.

Magna makes varying lengths of both. Search for a 37033 handle from this part of their catalog
and a bit from page 6 of this part of their catalog

Good luck
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Have you checked Home Depot? I know it sounds obvious, but I picked up a #2 Phillips with an 8" shaft there just a few weeks ago. (Made by Fuller) I thought they had an #3x8" there as well, but you'd have to look. Then again I'm up in Canada so they may have different stock. I'm sure they must be out there.


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#3 screwdriver found.

I purchased a set of screwdrivers in the electical tools dept. at sears the brand name of my set of is Wiha they are good quality screwdrivers and does include a #3 and also is insulated up to a 1000 volts. the set of 6 Wiha screwdrivers cost me $30.00. if you visit a larger sears store you will find they do carry other tool brands besides craftsman....

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