wiring a recepticle


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wiring a recepticle

when wiring a recepticle, the wire will continue on to a switch. I have to attatch the two black wires together and then to the gold screw, then the whites together and to the silver screw and the two coppers to the green. correct. Then the switch that it goes to after that is the same except the whites bypass the switch and get screwed together. If this is wrong please let me know. Hell, if it's right let me know....ha!
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Yes, this is correct. However, you don't have to make connections at the receptacle box and then pigtail to the receptacle. Since the receptacle has two brass screws and two silver screws, just connect one black wire to each brass screw and one white wire to each silver screw.

You can still make the pigtails, which some people prefer, but other don't. The choice is yours, and each has it's advantages.
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a-h-h-h-h-h, well, that's good cause i've already done that....lol.. It would have stunk to go back and try again....lol. It's funny cause I tried to find a wiring diagram on it but the only ones I can seem to find are the three way switch ones and I wasn't sure if they were the same. Since I'm going from power, to recepticle to unswitched light to recepticle to recepticle to switch to switched light I wasn't sure if it was right. I sure am glad for this web sight.
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......and the two coppers to the green
You were alright till u got there...one screw gets one wire...no more...so if you didn't pigtail the grounds, you should go back and do so.

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