Yet another xmas light issue...


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Yet another xmas light issue...

Tis the season I guess ...This is similar to another thread, but I wasn't sure if the same solution applied.

I was hooking up lights the other day, and all of a sudden, the lights plugged into that outlet went out. It was only 2 stands of 100 lights, so I don't figure I overloaded the outlet. After inspecting the lights, one of the bulbs busted, exposing the filements (not sure if that is the right term). Perhaps I stepped on them while hanging them up. I'm guessing that is what caused it.

We have 2 outdoor outlets at our townhouse (side and back), and neither of them work now. I checked the breaker box, nothing was tripped. The box isn't labeled real well, so I'm not sure which switch it is on. I tried resetting all breakers, including the master, no luck.

Is the outlet possibly fried? Would one bad outlet cause the other one to not work also? They are the outdoor kind with the open/close covers when not in use. Also, there is no reset switch that I could find. Any ideas? TIA.

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lets see if I get the first reply on this one. The outlet is probably fed from another GFCI outlet. Look in the basement, garage, outside, kitchen, bath for the tripped outlet.
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Sometimes the outside sockets are protected by a GFCI that is located indoors. Check to see if any indoor GFCI's need to be reset
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Great, thanks. I'll try that when I get home. You know, I thought about trying that....but I didn't figure the GFCI inside would affect those. Shows what I know. Thanks again!
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Yes, that did it. Thanks!

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