whole circuit went dead in house-help


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whole circuit went dead in house-help

last night, everything that is on one circuit went dead, yet the circuit breaker did not trip. before it went dead, the overhead lights on it started flickering for several minutes, and my daughter touched the light switch on the wall, and it shocked her lightly. we installed new breakers but that did not fix it. that circuit will not come back on. what could be wrong- help.

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Sounds like a wire is loose. Use an outlet tester and test one or more recepticles on the circuit. You will probably find either an open neutral or an open hot.

Are you certain that evrything on that circuit went out, or is it possible that part of the circuit is still working?
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circuit dead in house

everything on the circuit is definitely dead. if i test and it shows open neutral or open hot, then what do i do? open up all receptacles and light switches on there to look for loose wire? also, what will show me on tester what is what?

thanks, kkatarina
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If the entire circuit went dead I would start by checking for loose connections inthe breaker box. It could even be the breaker connection to the bus bar.

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