Adding a new Outlet


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Adding a new Outlet

I searched the forums, but didn't quite find what I need.... Any help is appreciated!

I am in a new (2002) house, with tons of outlets in every room. However, I would like to use an available closet, which is not wired for power (no light in the closet) as a media cabinet. I would like to run power to the closet, and install a simple three-pronged double-outlet. I have access to the closet from an unfinished basement.

The rear wall of the closet backs-up to an adjoining living room wall, where there is an outlet. The side wall of the closet is opposite a powder-room wall which contains a light switch and GFI outlet.

Can I split power from one of the two existing outlets and mount a box on the opposite closet wall? This may be easier for me than running new power up from the basement. I was thinking I could open up the closet wall, directly behind the existing outlet (of the room on the opposite side), then mount a new box and outlet in the closet. I am OK with the basics of wiring, having installed dimmer switches, ceiling fans, timers, etc. But I have not wired new outlets before.

The new outlet will support Audio/Video equipment, but nothing with severe power requirements. The existing outlets in the other two rooms don't currently get used for much other than occassional vacuuming.

Any ideas or help out there? Is this as easy as pigtailing the existing outlet to the new one?

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You can tap power from your living room for your media center, but it might lead to disappointment. Depending on how much "media" you have and how much power it consumes, you may just overload the circuit. Do the math first. Then decide if you can use this circuit or need a new one. A vacuum cleaner uses a ton of power, so you might have to limit your vacuuming to times when you are not using the media. It might get annoying to remember this all the time.

You may not, however, tap into the bathroom power.

All books on home wiring will have great pictures and detailed instructions for a project as such as this. Many such books are carried by all home centers and public libraries.

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