SNAPping noise


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SNAPping noise

I just moved in 3 weeks ago and begun to notice a loud 'snapping' noise coming from the kitchen occassionally. It sounds exactly like a breaker 'snapping' into the 'off' position, but everything is still on. I experienced this at my old house occasionally and never figured out what it was. When I go into the kitchen after hearing this, the refrigerator is always running....I'm wondering if it is the defroster kicking on. Anyone have any ideas?
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Sounds like you may have a loose connection somewhere in the circuit that feeds the refrigerator. Often times you can hear the sizzle or snapping of the current arcing at the loose connection. Please have this checked ASAP as loose connections generate extra heat and may lead to further problems.
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Is this the same refrigerator you had in the old house?
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My Refrigerator makes a loud snapping sound every time from the timer.
Some timers you cant hear.

I don't know if you have a problem, this is how the timers work.

Most Refrigerators have defrost timers.
Some cycle 6 hours 8 hr, 10 hr, 12 hr.

Say your refrigerator has the 10 hour timer / 20 min defrost time.

After 10 hours you can hear a click, the pump turns OFF (if its running) and the defrost heater turns ON.
(If the pump is not running at the 10 hr time you will just hear the click)

After 20 minutes the defrost heater turns OFF, you may hear a second click and the pump starts.
and this cycles again 10 hours later. Or maybe 10 hr. 20 min.

(The defrost time can be 15 minutes, 21, 25, 30 minutes about).

If you want you can time your clicks 6, 8, 10, 12 hours.
most are 10 hours.

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