Switch outlet for one plug only


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Switch outlet for one plug only

Does anyone have any advice on how to wire an outlet so that only one of the two plugs is swtiched by a single-pole switch, but the other plug always remains powere?
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It's trivial to do this in new wiring, but the details depend on whether you run power first to the switch box or first to the receptacle box.

With existing wiring, it may also be possible with the current cables, or you may need to run a new cable.

Start by telling us what you're starting with. Does this receptacle and switch already exist behind finished walls, or are you doing wiring in new or remodel construction. If everything is already in place, then tell us if is there an accessible attic above this room or an accessible crawl space or basement below it.

We can surely help you do this, but a bit more context from you will save us from trying to give you all the possible instructions for all the possible situations.
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You have to wire the receptacle with a switched hot wire and an unswitched hot wire, along with the neutral and ground wires. You then have to break the tab between the two screws on the hot side of the receptacle, connecting the two hot wires on that side, and then the neutral wire to the neutral side and the ground wire to the ground screw.

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