Electric Grill and very hot wall outlet


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Electric Grill and very hot wall outlet

Last time we used our electric grill out on the deck I noticed that the wall outlet was extremely hot when I unplugged it. The cord to the grill was cool. Only the outlet and the plug itself were hot. Almost too hot to unplug. So... is the outlet not wired well enough? Or could it be a loose connection which needs a new outlet? I'm afraid to use it again till this is corrected. Thanks a bunch.
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Electric Grill and very hot wall outlet

I would turn the breaker off to the exterior recep, pull it out and make sure all of the connections are tight and on the screws, not plugged into the back.
Also check on the grill to see what kind of wattage it is. Your circuit might be under rated for the grill. If you have a 20A circuit running to the outside, check and see if the recep. is also rated at 20A.
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Many appliances are wired with cheap plugs on the ends of the cords. I would recommend replacing the plug with a more heavy-duty one. And many receptacles are cheaply made too, so you might consider replacing the 39-cent receptacle with a $2 one. But it doesn't have to be a 20-amp one unless your grill is a 20-amp grill (unlikely)--a high-quality 15-amp receptacle is fine.
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Just curious, but since Jay Pete uses the grill on the deck, I have to assume that a G.F.C.I. recept. needs to be in the circuit, but none is mentioned.
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Yes, certainly a GFCI is required, but it seems unrelated to the problem at hand.

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