Blow breaker at 98 Degrees


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Blow breaker at 98 Degrees

I have a friend that has a hot tub and when the water temp reaches 98 degrees it kicks the breaker in the house. I does not kick the breakes on the tub or kick the GFI. He had the heating element tested but all the guy did was plug it in at his bench and said it was fine.
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Are you still having this problem

I noticed no one has answered your question yet... are you still having this problem?
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I would check the hot tub's nameplate to find out the mfr's recommended breaker size, then check the conductor and breaker size and get back to us. There is a possibility that either the wire or the breaker could be undersized.

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If the breaker in the panel is the same size as the breaker on the tub I would first check to see if there are any loose connections at the panel breaker. If not, I would replace that breaker. If you have 2 20A breakers protecting one line, and the first one in line doesn't trip, but the second does it's usually a bad breaker.
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Is there a possiblity of anything else on the same circuit? Hot tubs must be on a dedicated circuit reguardless of size per the NEC.I agree with Trinitro check for loose connections or a bad breaker.

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