Low voltage wiring


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Low voltage wiring

I recently installed a 2 channel 500watt transformer for my lighted paver. When I connected all the wires instead of 2 lights on the pavers lighting only 1 light is being lite? I used 12 gauge low voltage wire, I used the wire with the lines running down then( the ribbed wire) as black. Is there a cerian way to wire these pavers. http://www.beautibrick.com/paverlights.htm 6x9 ones second to last ones.
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The description says there are 4 connectors. Did you hook up both lights using all 4 connectors?
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Yes I used all 4 connecters. I connected the white wires coming from each bulb together and then the black wires coming from each bulb together (2 connectors so far) Next I connected the black wire which has the 2 wires already crimped to the ribbed side of the 12 volt wire and then the same with the white wire except thet i crimped it to the other side off the 12 volt wire( 2 more connectors. Total 4 connectors. Do you think each white wire, & each black wire has to be hooked up directly to the 12 volt wire?
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connect all black to black and all white to white.
check bulb if there not burn ot broken inside.
sometime there loose in the socket or the contact are not align right with the bulb.



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