Outlet box problems


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Outlet box problems

While attempting to change a double socket in a metal junction box, the screw broke and I have not been able to get the junction box out or to remove the broken screw that has snapped. The junction box has a number of screws at the back which I have removed, but, in addition, it has 2 rods going across it which appear to be connected on either side to the drywall. I cannot see where these rods are going, though, becasue they are hidden by the insulation. Can anyone suggest how I may be able to get the junction box so that I can change the jox and the outlet?
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sound like these rod on each side must be nails.
Try to pry the box from the stude by inserting a wonder bar between the stud and box . then when has some space try to inser side cutter plier to push them out.

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It should not be necessary to replace the junction box just because you broke off the screw. You can grab the broken screw with vicegrips, if it is protruding a little bit. If not, you can carefully drill out the broken screw with an undersized drill bit, then use a #6 x 3/4" metal screw in place of the broken screw.

If you really do need to remove the box for some other reason, I've had pretty good luck with clamping vicegrip pliers on the nail and tapping it with a hammer until the nail backs out of the stud. You'll need to determine which side of the box the stud is on.

Don't forget to turn off the breaker or pull the fuse BEFORE you do any work on the box or the wiring. Also, make sure you replace the all screws in the box if you re-use it. These are essential for bonding purposes.

Good luck. Post back if you need more help.

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