GIRLS GONE WRONG(Light fix blew out circuit?)


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Unhappy GIRLS GONE WRONG(Light fix blew out circuit?)

Here's what happened! We switched out a ceiling fan for a light fixture. After taking down the fan, there were 4 wires (2 sets of black & white), one of these sets were wired together.
The already connected b&w controlled the wall switch? The other 2 the fan?
Leaving the already connected b&w alone, we connected what was left. Everything was fine except the new light fixture did not work from the wall switch.
After that, things got really bad and horrific...we went back in and swapped everything around, including the already connected b&w. We blew out the circuit breaker (?), and now not only does the light fixture NOT work at all, NONE of the lights/electricity on that line work (includes kitchen light, den light, outside porch & pool light, and den outlets).
We thought we corrected the problem by putting the wires back how they were the first time, then bought a new circuit breaker - NOTHING HAPPENED. We tested the lines w/a volt meter and they're dead (at the light fixture).
There's no such thing in this 1978 house as a "test" or "reset" button b/c there's no GFCI in the entire house.
PLEASE help.
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You have two 2-wire cables at the fixture outlet-box (OB), each cable with a Black conductor and a White conductor.

Seperate all the conductors at the O-B into two distinct cable-pairs,then, with you voltmeter, test for voltage at all the circuit-breaker terminals in the panel.The testing-procedure is done with one of the test-leads in firm contact with the terminal-bar where the White wires terminate.You must read 120 volts at all C-B terminals.

Once you are certain all C-B terminals are energized, re-check for voltage across the Black and White wires of each cable-pair.One of the cable-pairs must have "constant" 120 volts across the two conductors. Once you have indentified the "live" cable-pair, you can proceed to complete the connections.

I suggest that you do not make the final fixture-connections until you have connected a test-lamp socket to the cable-conductors, and have verified correct switch-control of the O-B.

Good Luck & Enjoy the EXperience!!!!

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