disposer switch with instant hot unit


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disposer switch with instant hot unit

Just installed (or tried to) an instant hot water unit. It apparently will not work as the double plug under the sink that is my electrical supply is the plug for the garbage disposer which is switch activated. In other words, the hot water will not heat if the switch is off. The manufacturer sells a "sink top" switch that will resolve this problem, however, is there an easier way to configure the wiring on the plug so that the disposer switch still works while running constatnt power to the instant hot?

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Consider controlling the G-D from a switch located inside the sink cabinet.

You will have a "constant" 120 volts at the duplex receptacle located under the sink if you "by-pass" the existing switch. Run a 2-wire cable from the receptacle outlet-box to a switch-box set in the most possible convenient location inside the cabinet.

You can isolate, or seperate the 2 cord-plug outlets on the duplex receptacle by removing the link that bridges the 2 outlets together,"splitting" the device-connections, so that one outlet has "constant' power, and the other is switch-controlled.

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Have you investigated the wiring? It's possible that when it was installed the wiring was designed to allow half the duplex to be always on.
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If the power comes into the receptacle first then you could switch only 1/2 the receptacle if you want to.

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