Hot/Neu Reverse


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Hot/Neu Reverse

Hi, I have a question. When I do a test on the outlets. this is what it reads.
Hot/ Neutral Reverse. I wire everything black on one side and white on the other side all the way throw. I have the outlets with the one side plug bigger then the other. What did I do wrong and how can I fix it. Thanks Bill
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The hot (black) wire should be connected to the side of the plug with the smallest width slot. The white (neutral) connection goes on the other, widest, side. Connect the ground wire under the green screw off to the side.
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If the wires a reveserd on one receptacle all the other after it will show reversed. Go back to the fisrt one that is wrong or the last one that is good and check the wiring again. If it is swapped in the panel it will also show wrong on all recepatcles.
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They manufacture receptacles with silver screws on one side and brass screws on the other to help people out with this. Hot (black) always goes on brass screws only, neutral (white) goes on silver screws only.

Jeod is right, if any of the receptacles has reversed wires they all will show reverse hot/neutral.


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