Baseboard Wiring


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See my post above (#31) for details about running wires behind baseboards.

If you mount the heaters end to end and "nipple" them together, you should be able to run your wiring through the "can" of the first heater to the second heater.
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Originally Posted by docoflove
Hi Racraft,

I can't run a wire to my second heater no matter how close I put it unless I hide the wire beneath a baseboard and I don't know how smart that is or if your even allowed to do that. Its a thought !!!!!!!! I could mount it on the other wall and run the wire under the steps and along the baseboard.

What do you think about that idea?

Have you ever known anyone to remove the three wires from the cable and run them that way???????
Use wiremold.

You'l have to provide physical protection if you run the cable behind the baseboards.

Don't remove the cable's outer jacket and run the individual wires behind the baseboard. That is a big No No!
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Hi and thanks everyone who replied.

Mcjunk, l can put the second heater against another wall and run the wire from the first heater to the second heater. I would have to run it behind the baseboard. What do you mean by nipple them together. Like splice them together? Also, what do you mean the can of the first heater?

If I recall, I have enough room behind my baseboard so I can probably place the wire in a void, or make a void. Do you still suggest wire mount?
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I have been lurking on this thread for quite a while now. I don't know about anyone else, but I would hope that the replacement of two baseboard heaters could have been accomplished in less than 43 posts on the Forum. I think that Docoflove has proven that this project is getting the best of him/her. I suggest that you call an electrician and get these heaters installed correctly. I don't know how much you think that your time is worth, but I bet that you could have paid for these heaters to be installed a couple of times based on the number of hours you have put in. It is the wise person who knows when they are over their head. I think that it is time to throw in the towel and call in the pros.

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