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220 extension cord in general

I am also interested in building (or buying) a 220 extension cord, in my case for running appliances (water heater, well pump, dryer) from a generator in emergencies. I am first curious about the length issue ("25 feet should not cause a problem") and second about why nobody seems to sell these.

They know more in this forum about extension cords, than we do in welding I hope they can help you. -Matt

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Have you checked welding supply house's? Also, mobile home / R V dealers carry them.
Different amperages have different plug and receptacle configurations as well as different wire gauges so you first need to determine what you are going to power and from what source. (How many amps do you have at the source vs how many amps do you need to supply the items you mentioned).
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Understand the following:

The 240 volt devices you mention are designed to be hard wired. While you rig something up temporarily in the event of a power outage, having something setup and ready to go won;t work too well.

Dryers and water heaters need 30 amps or better. This will exceed a typical 5000 watt generator and will max out the next size up. A water pump needs a high current to startup, and will typically not work with a small generator, even one that can deliver the normal operating current, due to the high startup current.

What you want to do is to install a transfer switch. The size transfer switch and panel you install will depend on the size of the generator you have. You wire the loads you want to support from the transfer switch panel. The transfer switch allows you to switch between normal utility power and generator power without the need to make wiring changes at the time of the switchover. It also prevents you from back feeding the utility when you use the generator.

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