New RACO 1900 boxes


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New RACO 1900 boxes

I just bought some new RACO 1900 boxes in Lowe's
These new babies now have a recessed dimple (into the box) for the ground screw.
This is a great feature!. No more drilling that extra hole into a wall or stud to accommodate the ground screw protrusion behind the box.
What are those two extra holes on each side of a 1900 box close to the front.
Merry Christmas!
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Those boxes have been around in the trade for a few years now. That doesn't change the fact that the raised ground screw was an excellent idea.

I honestly don't know what the side holes are for. I'm sure someone does.
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1900 Boxes

Speedy Petey, thanks for your reply.
RACO 1900 boxes in Home Depot do not have the raised ground screw feature. Perhaps they are still selling an older production run.
Before, Home Depot and Lowe's, I used to buy from the local electrical supplier. Typically, people who supply to the trade are not overly interested in helping the DYIer. Probably for obviously reasons. DYIers can tie up a counter with way too many questions. Contractors know what they want. And contractors are their real customers. I also think civilians get charged full price at the counter. At Depot and Lowe's you can look over stuff , sometimes get some help, and there are no surprises with the prices.
What's great about this forum; you can get advice from a bunch of people with a range of experience instead of just one guy's opinion.
A grateful thanks to the moderators!

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