Got me stumped....


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Got me stumped....

Hello and Happy New year.
I've recently remodeled my kitched and uncovered a wiring problem. When I plug in the circuit tester(the light thing) the ground light illuminates for a few seconds and then slowly dies out. I have to then wait a couple hours(approx) before I can duplicate the discrepancy. I shot the wires up to the first junction box with nothing abnormal. My guess is that there is a short to ground somewhere that is barely making contact.
Am I on the right track? Is this a safety item i.e. fire?
Thank You
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Do you have anything plugged into those outlets? Also, is this outlet a GCFI or is it GCFI protected? I've never seen your problem....but then again, I never use those circuit "testers".
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Thanks for the reply.
The outlet is GFCI which safeguards the entire kitchen circuit. My living room light also feeds from this circuit. When I test the circuit I have unplugged all items on it. This one has been working me over for awhile....
The reason for the tester is that i'm getting ready to put the home for sale and the home inspector I had used one, I want to head off any probs.
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Not sure I'm understanding the problem clearly, but my guess would be quite the opposite: The ground connection is poor. Is this the first outlet on the circuit? Does the tester have a button on it for testing a GFCI? If so, does the GFCI trip when you push the button on the tester? Can you duplicate the problem at the outlet next in line?

Doug M.
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Morning all,
- at most good electrical stores you can purchase a dedicated GFCI tester, usually less than $10. They're well worth the expense.

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