Hidden circuit!


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Hidden circuit!

Hello all!

I have a 1990 Kentuckian mobile home. I was thinking of putting a dishwasher in and was considering how to put in a circuit. You may have noticed another post I had talking about running the wire underneath the floor. However, I was going through my breaker box and found two individual circuits, both 20-amp, single-pole breakers, that are labeled (by the manufacturer) as Appl., for appliances, I'm assuming. These both control receptacles in the kitchen.

I have part of the wall opened up where we're making one of the bedrooms adjacent to the kitchen a dining room and the wires are still exposed. One wire comes from the ceiling and goes to a receptacle that is hanging where the wall between the two rooms was. Then it proceeds to go through a stud to the rest of the receptacles in the kitchen. However, another wire comes down and goes to a separate receptacle that faced the kitchen side of the former wall. Then it goes back up into the ceiling and out of sight, so it's in the middle of a circuit.

Of note is the fact that the one that goes to the rest of the receptacles in the kitchen is 14-2 wire. The one that goes to that one receptacle is 12-2, possibly indicating that the installer expected that one to pull more current.

What I'm trying to find out is this: I don't know where the wire from the standalone circuit goes to. No other receptacles rely on this. I've checked most everything else. Nothing in the kitchen relies on it. Nowhere else is affected by switching it off. Does anyone have any suggestion? You see, there IS a receptacle whose cable must run under the cabinet with the sink (to reach the receptacle in a "free-standing" cabinet) but is on the same circuit as all the other kitchen receptacles. My only idea is to either remove the kickboard under the cabinet and see if there are two different cables running under there. I'm hoping that they thought ahead to maybe put an electrical box under the cabinet for adding a dishwasher/garbage disposal. Does anyone have any experience with mobile home wiring and what they might've done here???

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
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It's best to run a new circuit for the dishwasher. 14 gauge is probably ok, but you might as well run 12 gauge. You can't tap into the countertop receptacle circuits (there should be 2 of them, both 20A). Those are dedicated to the countertop. You may be able to tap into the lighting circuit, but I wouldn't recommended since you don't know how loaded that circuit it, and you will notice significant dimming of the lights.
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Thanks a bunch! I was hoping so much for a pre-run circuit...but it looks like under the floor I go.
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14-2 wire on a 20 amp breaker is a serious problem. If you really have that then you should immediately change the breaker to be a 15 amp breaker.

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