Another neutral/ground ??


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Another neutral/ground ??

When running max of 75 ft in a garage from the service panel I am pulling 6/8 and 10 gauge wire to various locations.

What determines what size ground wire must I use back to the service panel on 220 v and should I use the same size neutral return as what the hot condutor wire I run??

Examle: 220 volt 2 hot 8 gauge, can I use a 10 gauge ground back to the panel?
I have the 2005 NEC, what section would pertain?


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It sounds like you want to use a reduced neutral and you mentioned a reduced ground wire as well. Why don't you start with providing some info:

Where is your main service panel, house or garage? What size is it?
If it is in the house is there a sub panel from it in the garage? If the garage is sub feed, how big is the panel there? If the garage is not subfed are you looking to run a ckt/ckts from the house to the garage? If the garage is subfed are you looking at running multiple 240 volt ckts or just one ckt with multiple devices, or one ckt with a single device? What are the amperage requirements on this? If wire has been run to the garage what size is it?

This info is needed to help and when you post it I'm sure others will chime in to help point you in the right direction and keep you safe and in code.

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Garage /shop has it's own 200 amp service.

Question is: Can the ground or neutral, assuming all amps or within spec for that conductor, be smaller than the "hot " conductors??

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Yes, you can reduce the size of the grounding wire. You just look it up in a table in article 250 of the NEC based on the size of the hot conductors and the size of the service.

No, you cannot reduce the size of the neutral wire.
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John Nelson

Thanks so much John Nelson

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