New stove on old wiring


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Exclamation New stove on old wiring

Just bought an electric stove. In preparing to install it, discovered that the old unit, and the house's wiring were 3-wire;black, white and bare.
However, the new stove and its plus are 4 wire, with green be the additional.
Also, the old stove had no plug, but rather the wires were twisted and crimped around the ones coming our of the wall.
Can the new stove (4 wire) be installed safely onto the old 3-wire system?
I am thinking seriously that I am going to buy a wall plug and wall box for the
new stove. Something about wires just twisted together that bothers me.
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All stoves sold are provided with two alternate sets of installation instructions, one for 3-wire circuits and one for 4-wire circuits. Look carefully through the installation instructions. Do not make something up.
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Also, if the old wires were twisted and held together by a correctly sized electrical wire nut, they were fine. Otherwise, the old stove was incorrectly installed and presented a fire hazard.

Doug M.
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This information is for an

electric dryer, but your range's wiring will be the same.

Anyway, here is the link:

Hope this helped some!
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I had to postpone putting in stove, however I did get the new reciptical installed.
All went together well, no breaker trips, no sparks.
On the stove, I took the green wire and crossed it to connect with the neutral wire (as per instructions on the stove)
I replaced the 4-wire pigtail with a 3-wire, and the wall socket with the one that matches the pigtail.
On the wall plug, I connected white to one side that has a copper screw, the black wire to the other side with a copper screw,and the remaining wire (bare with electrical tape on it) to the bottom, with a silver screw.
The range clock comes on, however I am getting no 220v power to the stove. I checked the wall plug, which reads 110v for each side seperately (R side and ground then L side and ground), but no 220v when reading them together (L side to R side)
I then went to the breaker, and performed the same test. At the breaker I get the proper readout of 110v single side, 220V sides read together. There were no tripped switches.
Did I miss something?
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Did you do the test with the reange plugged in? Try it with the range unplugged. I think you will find one of the hot wires is dead.

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