new breaker box?


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new breaker box?

<p>I will be remodeling my basement in a few months and right now all of the electricity down there is running off this box with a fuse.<br>

<a href=""><img width=320 height=240 src=""></a></p>

<p>And this is what the rest of the house is running off of.<br>

<a href=""><img width=320 height=240 src=""></a><br>
<a href=""><img width=320 height=240 src=""></a>

<p>I will need about 3 or 4 circuits to rewire the basement because I plan to add alot of recessed lighting, I have alot of computer, and just many electronics in general. </p>

<p>Now is it correct that most breaker panels support the double breakers on the bottom two rows? (Like the one currently in use on the bottom left) And if so, what is the best thing to do in my situation? Should I just use the double breakers, adding 3 more circuits? Should I install a larger breaker panel? Should I install a subpanel in the finished basement part?</p>

<p>Thank you</p>
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If you will share with us your main breaker rating, what 220v appliances you have and the approximate square footage of your home we can give you a bit more help with this.

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Thanks for the reply.

The main breaker is 100amps, I don't think I have any 220 volt appliances. I have a gas stove, gas furnace, gas clothes drier.

The part of the basement I am remodeling is approx. 500 sq. feet. The first floor and second floor are about 2100 sq ft combined.

The wiring is so old on the first floor there is some wires with the cloth type of insulation. Should I take the time to replace alot of that wiring when everything in the basement is ripped out?

Thanks for your help,
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I would go with a 150 or 200 amp service.Without seeing if any breakers/fuses are "doubled-up" {more than 1 wire under 1 screw} I count 17 circuits. Including the 3 to 4 you plan to add in the basement would max out a 100 amp panel.

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