too many wires to match


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Exclamation too many wires to match

hi again, i am replacing lighting fixtures in my ceiling. the old wiring is 2 black and 2 white with ground, the new fixture only has one of each. How do I do this....your help is greatly appreciated
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  1. Was there another fixture there before? If so, when you took it down, did you note the connections? If you did, then connect the new one just like the old one, and you can quit reading now. Otherwise, it will be a lot harder. Read on.
  2. Is this fixture controlled by a switch on the wall? If so, does the switch control anything else other than this one light?
  3. If there is a wall switch, you will need to shut off the breaker, pull out the switch without disconnecting anything, and tell us everything you see.
  4. Do you own any electrical test equipment, such as a voltmeter or a neon circuit tester? If so, what?
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Not completely sure I understand your post, but normally you match the black(s) from the fixture to the black in the box, and the white(s) from the fixture to the white from the box. There ARE exceptions if a switch loop is involved.
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More likely than not, the exceptions to which Andrew refers are going to apply here.

wolge1314, fess up. Did you already try to make this work and fail? Did you trip the breaker?
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nothing to fess up here, i just noticed the wiring when trying to install new fixtures of course way long after i took down the old lights so no reccolection whatesoever of the way it was wired before. as for the switches they are the 4 wire with a ground 2 of them on powers 3 different lights the other powers 2. do i need to call an electrician! I think i better let me know what you think, much appreciated!

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