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Exclamation Switch/Outlet installation

I live in MAssachuestts. I bought a switch/outlet unit to replace a light switch in my bathroom. I thought it would be easy--- just wire things as in the instruction, but it didn't work that way.

The instruction calls for two hot lines and a neutural line for the connection. When I opened the old switch, I found the two hot line without problem: they are black. the old switch has one of the hot line and a pink line on it, so I assume the pink line is neutural, but it didn't work. I also noticed that in the box there are two white lines that are secured together. Are they the neutral lines that I should use? If they are which one should I use?

Sorry for asking so silly questions, but I am learning.

Will wait online for suggestions. Thank you.
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Neutral wires are always white or gray. They are never pink. And if your switch had two wires attached to it, neither are neutral. One is unswitched hot and one is switched hot.

You need to connect a short segment of white wire (a pigtail) to the two white wires currently in the box and run the other end of that pigtail to the silver screw on the receptacle-half of the combo device.
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Thank you for respond so quick.

So the pink wire in the old switch is the "unswitched hot" and should go to the new outlet and have the new white for the neutural, right?

Thanks again.
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The pink wire is either the switched hot or the unswitched hot. I'd put my money on switched hot. Whether you put the switched hot or unswitched hot to the receptacle half of the new combo device depends on whether you want the receptacle switched or not. Note that there is a tab on one side, but not on the other side, of the combo that connects the upper screw to the lower screw. Connect the unswitched hot (probably the black) to this side if you want the receptacle unswitched, or to the other side if you want the receptacle switched.
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Connect the black to the double brass screw on one side of combo. Connect pink to brass screw on other side of switch. Connect white pigtail to silver screw under switch screw. Connect bare or green to the green screw. If receptacle is switched and you want it permanent hot or vice versa, swap the black and pink wires.
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This is a bathroom. You can't safely or within code install this switch/receptacle unless the circuit is GFCI protected.

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