Maytag Neptune Issues


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Maytag Neptune Issues

I've read some of the recent issues, here's my problem.

R11 on the Main control board is big time fried. I have some water that doesn't appear to fully drain from my washer. Maytag told me this is a Calcium chloride solution used for balancing the drum....?.....
My washer will tumble but won't spin. I'm going to try and replace R11 and the wax motor.
Are there any other things I should look out for? I don't really want to drop $200 on a new board.
I submitted my claim form in the lawsuit only to find out everything is backed up in court with no apparent end in sight.
Maytag is really sticking it to everyone. Over 1.2 Million claim forms wnt out to Neptune owners. The settlement was capped at $2 million. That's not even 2 frickin dollars per person. Here's the real kicker. They capped plaintiff legal expenses at $8.6 million. 4 times the amount of customer reimbursment..Sickening!
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If you are experienced to do electronic repair at board level then by all means do it. If you understand this then you know you'll have to match the colored rings on that resistor exactly to make sure the resistance and rating is identical.

I am not familiar with this model but have repaired may others. Two things come to mind you can check. First, you said "not all the water" drains. That gave me clues. That tells me the pump probably works OK. If it doesn't spin, the "some water" left is probably from the soaking wet clothes that didn't spin. But sometimes the washer will "walk", and when it walks backwards it can press the drain hose against the wall and kink it. That will usually let some or most of the water out, but not all. Check to make sure the hose is not kinked.

One simple thing that prevents the spin cycle is failure of the lid switch or the lid switch wires are either broken, or one of them fell off. Pop the hood, check the wires and the switch. If you jumper the switch wires together and it spins, the switch is bad. (Or if you check continuity through the switch with its button depressed.)

It could also be a loose belt, but it doesn't sound like it from your symptoms.

Or it could be R11.

Try posting in the appliance forum on this website for more advice.

Sorry to hear about the shaft you are getting from Maytag. I guess you will be buying Blue Stilton cheese from now on!

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Complicated issue involving a whole bunch of known problems with this machine. This needs to be posted on the appliance forum. Also, search the web for Maytag Neptune. There are many many posts with different scenarios and solutions. Since R11 is burned, you can assume the wax motor is gone as well, but there are also some sensors involved, a repair kit and, I think, another resistor. Read the web and good luck. Elit washers are on sale again at Sears.

Juice, This is a front loader and isn't like other washers... no belt... no lid switch (as you know it).

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