Multiple sub panels


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Multiple sub panels

When wiring more than one sub panel from the main panel, do you run the conductors from main to sub to sub or are they each from the main.

Am installing two 100 amp subs in addition to the main in my shop. Again, shop is on it's own 200 amp service.

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You can do it either way, but running both subs directly from the main is usually better.
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John Nelson or anyone is appreciated!!

Thanks John

I had rather go from one sub to the other as it would require less #2 gauge.

Also in doing it this way would the conductors from the first to the second sub be on a 100 amp breaker or can I go from the lugs of the first to the second. Does that make since??

Also keeping both subs "non bonded neiutral/ground, right??


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If you run #2 from your main panel to your first sub-panel, and then from your first sub-panel to your second sub-panel, then you could 'get away' with less #2 and a single 100A breaker feeding the first panel.

However if you do this the total available amperage on both subpanels _combined_ would be 100A.

If you run a separate #2 to each sub-panel, each with its own feeder breaker, then each subpanel would have its own 100A capability.

It really depends on the needs. If you are installing 100A panels simply to have lots of space for circuit breakers (convenience), then it would be fine to wire things in the first fashion.

If the lugs on the subpanel is designed and listed for two conductors, and the upstream protection is suitable for the downstream conductors, then you could tap the supply for the first sub-panel for the second. But you have to make sure that you use lugs listed for this purpose, and that everything protected by the 100A breaker is suitable for a 100A breaker.


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