Mysterious circuit--no power in one room only

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Poor Mech
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Mysterious circuit--no power in one room only

We found only one of the bedrooms has no power. It was working this morning but not now.

I reset the circuit breakers but still no pwer.

What I would like to know is what could cause this to happen?

I appreciate if you can give some "light" to this mystry.
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Somewhere in the circuit going to the room in question there is a loose connection {an open}.This may have happened in a hallway receptacle or light or at the lightswitch in the room or at the 1st receptacle being fed in the room. Chances are the open wire {hot or neutral} is due to a bad "backstab" on a switch or receptacle.Good luck,becareful
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What else is on this circuit? You could have a GFCI tripped somewhere, or an open.

If other receptacles and lights on this same circuit work, then look for either a tripped GFCI (especially if the circuit contains a bathroom, garage or basement receptacle) or a loose wire somewhere.

If nothing on the circuit works then try resetting the breaker. Make sure that you turn the breaker fully off before trying to turn back on. Some breakers require that the breaker be moved fully to the off position after it trips.
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In situations such as this, I always recommend you spend $8 at your home center on an outlet tester, one of those things that plugs into a receptacle and has three lights on it. Everybody should have one of those things in their toolbox anyway. It won't necessarily point you to exactly what's wrong, but it narrows the numerous possibilities.
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Thank you guys!!

I was able to locate the source of the problem after all the receptacles and switches. I first needed to find out how the electricity travel from the fuse box. Checking the conductivity to find the receptacle/switchbox was the right thing to do since only partial circuit was in trouble.

The result was the receptical located behind an old chest that we had not used for 15 years has a loose conection. I found the electrician who installed the wire had used the "push-in" type of connection rather than securing at the screws. A wire was so loose in the hole.

Anyhow, after 4 hours of concentrated logical thinking with the hints that you gave me solved the problem!!! Thanks a lot!!

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