flourescent ballast


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flourescent ballast

I'm trying to replace an old flourescent ballast. The old one only had a black and white coming from one end that connected to the black and white supply and one wire form the other end that connected to the end of the flourescent fixture. The new one has a blue wire with the black and white (I'm assuming it is a ground) but what has me stumped is the other end has two wires to go to the flourescent fixture. My question is do I attach both to the flourescent fixture at the same place?
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Your old ballast is for a single bi-pin bulb fixture and the new one is for a two bulb bi-pin fixture.
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Along those lines...

If a ballast supplied as many as 6 tubes in one fluorescent sign, each pin-set fed by a color-coded pair of wires-would a ballast changeout require the exact same wires from the new ballast to be connected to the exact same pin-sets or would simply supplying each pin-set with any set of color-coded wires met the need? In otherwords, regardless of color-coded wires,(given the 120 volt input goes to the blk/wht) as long as each pin-set had a color-coded paired ckt would the overall need be satisfied?

Reason being the old ballast was cut out with intentions of splicing all the field tube wiring back together when the new one arrived. Pairs of orange-orange/white stripes, blue-blue/white stripes etc are simple enough. But there are about 3 sets of just yellow wires. Directions on the new ballast are easy enough but is there any chance of wiring these 3 tubes incorrectly? And if there is, it is as simply as switching a few wires around or doing a continuity check first?

Judgement check anyone?

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