need to add a 240 line.


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need to add a 240 line.

I have a 200amp panel with plenty of open slots.
I would like to add a line with 240 service..
its a ge panal so i went and picked up a ge breaker 40 amp double pole.
my question is this..
it has a leg on each side of the breaker..(i assume thats 120 each side)
and that makes it 240.
so if I pick up 8/3 wire, one wire goes to each leg on the breaker and the 3rd goes to the ground bar? that makes it a 240 line?
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If by 8/3 you mean two conductor and a ground then yes. The 3 normally determines the number of conductors not counting the ground. So if this is only 240 volt and no 120 volt is needed you would technically need an 8/2 cable. What is it that you are running the the #8 cable to? You have the right idea on the breaker but make sure the wire that connects to the neutral/ground bar is bare or green the other two connect to the breaker it doesnt matter which leg goes where.
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thanks for the reply..
the 8/3 is running to a sauna but thanks for clearing that
I just wish I saw it before I went and returned the 8/3 and bought 12/3
I looked on the sauna panal and saw that it listed 12ga. min in wire so...
I guess I will be heading back to get 12/2, unless 10/2 would serve some better purpos
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This is getting scary.
You can NOT put 12 ga wire rated for 20 amps on a 40 amp breaker.
There may be special grounding requirements for a sauna.
For safety you need to get an electrician.
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very nice of you, thanks

might just do that..

just wondering though...
if the sauna has it listed right on the panel 12ga. min wire and it only has 3 poles 2hot and one ground.
what could be the special part?
aside from the $$$$$$?

12ga wire and 20 amp double pole breaker sounds scary?
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There should be a nameplate on the sauna somewhere, (motor, or controller) with the minimum and maximum circuit ampacity and breaker sizing.

#12 wire for 20A, #10 for 30A and #8 for 40A.
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Okay, are we talking about a 40-amp breaker or a 20-amp breaker? You seem to have said it both ways.
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Originally Posted by John Nelson
Okay, are we talking about a 40-amp breaker or a 20-amp breaker? You seem to have said it both ways.
sorry, guess I was not clear in my posts
I first bought 8-3 and a 40amp double pole breaker.
I was getting ready to start my adventure and after taking the sauna out of the box I saw the plate that was mentioned above ( by jerry)
sooo, once I saw the 12ga. min wire listed on the plate, I went back and returned the items I had.
exchanging them for 12-3 and a double pole 20amp breaker...
and once again it looks like I will be going back to get 12-2, since I only need 2 hots and 1 ground.
hope that clears my post up a little.
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There are a myriad of code requirements for a sauna. Not sure what you have exactly, but you need to comply with all the code requirements. This is not a time to guess.

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