HELP me, low voltage !!!


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HELP me, low voltage !!!

I've decided to replace one of my wall receptacles since it does not work.
And I checked the voltage with a surprise !
Voltage across hot wire (black) and ground was 120V, whereas the voltage across hot (black) and neutral (white) was only 75 V. I think this is why this receptacle does not work.
Would this a serious problem (leakage)?
How do I fix this problem?

This is my first posting. Please help !!!
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Do not use your digital voltmeter to make measurements. It is showing you phantom voltage. You cannot use a digital voltmeter on an ac circuit reliably. Sometimes it is right, other times it is wrong.

You have an open neutral.

This is a common problem. Somewhere on this circuit, the neutral is open. It may be at this receptacle, or at the previous receptacle. Your job now is to find the open. Check every receptacle on the circuit.
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You could check the panel as well to make sure the nuetral is tightened down. Are there any other recepticals on this circut? If so...are those working?

You didn't mention that you tried this receptical after testing the voltage...did you?

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