Outlet over baseboard heat - need help moving outlet


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Question Outlet over baseboard heat - need help moving outlet

I finished my basement and ended up with a wall outlet being above an electric baseboard heater, which I know is against code. I didn't realize this until after the drywall was up and I was installing the heater.

I want to move the outlet over about 16" so that it is not above the heater. The outlet box currently has 2 wires in it, one coming from another outlet and one going to another outlet. What I would like to do is use the existing box as a junction box, add a 3rd wire to it which would be run to the new outlet location, and put a solid cover over the existing box. This would be the easiest way to resolve the issue without fishing new wires, etc.

Would this be acceptable to meet the electrical code? Also, I know I had to staple the original wiring just before the box (which was easy with no drywall up). Do I need to worry about stapling the new wire inside the wall?

Thanks in Advance.
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I think it's only a code violation if the baseboard manufacturer says it's not allowed. I think the code only says that you have to do what the manufacturer says. But I don't have my code book with me to look that up right now.

Your plan to use the existing box as a junction box with a cover plate is fine.

No stapling is required for cables fished behind finished walls.
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The NEC states in FPN of 210.52 - Listed baseboard heaters include instructions that may not permit their installation below a receptacle outlet.
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The only other code isssue is if this changes the 6/12 foot spacing rule along your wall. You may be required to mount a receptacle inthe floor to meet this code.
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Outlet above a heater would be a problem if someone plugs a transformer (e.g. answering machine) into it - transformers themselves can get pretty hot. Additional heat would shorten its life. There might be a hazard with cords spilling into the heater too.

Remember the heater acts as a replaceable baseboard for covering your mess, if you'll need to go through a stud. Just don't bury the junction box.

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