wire nuts


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wire nuts

what is the proper use of wire nuts..i have always twisted two or three wires together then twisted on wire nuts then put electrical tape over it for added safety..now im led to believe to just hold the wires together then twist on wire nut,no need to twist the wires..
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This is a religious debate. So before we get a hundred posts here yet again, let me say that different people prefer it different ways, with more people falling on the side of pretwisting the wires before applying the wire nut. It can't hurt to read the wire nut manufacturer's instructions on the box.
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good idea john,and i was just reading on this site that they recommend pre twisting also,so i will keep doing it the way i always did..
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nothing like a good pair of 9's, a good twist, and a good wire nut... to do the job...
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Sometimes electricians need to test voltage at a junction, and they unscrew the wirenut to do this. When wires aren't secure without the nut, they spring apart - it's bothersome and dangerous.

Personally, I like to overstrip wire (strip 1" to 1-1/4") that will be covered by a wire nut, twist enough that the insulated parts start to... uh, twine... and then clip off the excess so I have a good fat multistrand end and bare copper tucked well inside the nut. Then point all nuts up like umbrellas so dust and bugs and water can't collect in them.
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I'm pretty sure in Canada...the twisting of the wires in a clockwise turn is code. I know we had it drilled into our heads to twist them. Also to use the correct size of mar connector(wirenut) with the size of wire or number of wires used.

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