Intermittent power to circuit


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Cool Intermittent power to circuit

Hi all!

I've had a problem with one circuit in my house (with at least
outlets on). The problem started with some dimming/flickering and would reesolve itself without any breaker trip. The power to the ciruit could last hours to days/months and then start up again. Did have the electric company come out to test on their end.

I went through all of the posts here and followed the advice on testing,etc. The power seemed to restore itself for a month or so. Again, the problem has started, but also now have the water heater (separate circuit) without power.

Began to replace all the outlets (all had been push-in type) and used the screw terminals. The first 5 or so replacements didn't affect the ciruit much. Went to change a few more and as soon as I would restore the main power, had power to circuits, but only for a few minutes or so. Changed 3 more outlets/switches and the same thing would occur - power for a little while.

I have not opened up the service panel (unfortunately a Zinco), but the panel had been inspected a little over a year ago.

Just wondering if I'm still on the right path of replacing outlets, etc.

Thanks so much. Already, this forum provided an extreme amount of helpful information!

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Hello there, from what you have described it could be down to faulty breakers, if you lose power to everything as im not sure if that what you meant it could be a faulty main breaker i could be worth maybe changing one on the circuit you are having trouble with as changing every recepticle could prove more costly.

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Intermittent power to circuit

When I lose power, it is only on certain outlets. Some of the outlets seem to feed other rooms/areas. Since all of the outlets were back-stab connections, I figured replacing the outlet with a terminal connection at least might help.

I did find another outlet (in the course of replacing/checking) that had three cables coming into the box. There were two black, two white connected and one black (with white marking on end) and another white connected to the terminals. I'm not sure why there are so many and there is not a switch that controls the outlet. Two of the backstab connections were halfway inserted. I'm hoping that it could have been the problem, but have to figure where the extra cable connects.

Thanks for the reply though!

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Wires on breaker could be loose.

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