what is this ??? tester?


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what is this ??? tester?

just got a bunch of old gramps tools and such.. he was electrican for quite a few years. one thing i found had two sockets with bulbs in the them and a wire connecting them. A single wire off each socket that has bare wire on the end of it . i have my guess but would rather ask. I realize my description might be lacking.. thanks for the help..
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From what i can guees its a circuit tester.
you should have 1 cord that plug in the wall outlet
1 socket with a light bulb in it
and 2 wire that have end strip
if you plug the cord that has plug on it end and you touch the 2 tip of the strip wire the light bulb should lite up
meanning the circuit is good and there no short or break in it
i used to do that to check heater elements to see is there shorted or not

mystery solved.



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