200A Main Panel


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200A Main Panel

I am going to replace the main panel and also upgrade it from 100A to 200A. The electrician charges me $200 for the difference b/w 100A and 200A box. I thought the difference is just the price for the box but he said he must use with bigger wires also and other parts. I am not sure if he replaces what needed or he tries to do more than required to charge me for the extra?
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He is correct.

For the larger service, everything is larger-service wire, fittings, and other associated hardware. I'm sure he accounted for a bit more labor also. But for just an additional $200 you are getting a pretty good deal, in my opinion...
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If he is including the $200 difference for the service drop, meter socket, ground electrode, and panel at 200A from the original 100A quote that would seem right.

The additional cost would be the materials not much more labor.

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