Basement framing with Metal studs


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Basement framing with Metal studs

I am refinishing my basement and decided to use metal studs for the walls. Are there any good guidelines / [email protected] for electrical wiring? What type of boxes I should and use and what's the best way to attach to the metal studs?
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I don't see metal studs in residential single family homes but I assume you got a deal or have a reason for using metal.

I personally like to use a 4" square box with side brackets for screwing to metal stud or Caddy H2-3 bracket screwed to stud with 4" square and plaster (device) ring. Size plaster ring(s) 1/8" deeper than gypsum board.

Be certain to use snap in bushings in each hole romex passes through for protection.

Don't forget green grounding screws or grounding pigtails for each box.

I use tyraps for supporting romex vertically keeping cables in center of stud.
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Also protect the sill steel stud against the floor if in the basment. It will get rusty and fail over time if the area is damp.
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Like said put the bottom plate on top of P/T 2X4. All homes down here have all of the inside walls of steel studs.

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Post Working with metal studs

Here's an excellent site that explains how to work with metal studs. Plenty of drawings and photos. Enjoy!
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It is important that metal stud assemblies be grounded. You can achieve this by using metal device boxes attached with metal screws, or if you are using non-metalic boxes then the metal stud assembly needs to be attached to ground.

See the attached safety notice from the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority...

With secure bonding to ground, the overcurrent device will trip if the metal stud assembly becomes energized, thereby preventing possibly serious electric shock.

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