Adding a new power outlet


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John Keast
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Adding a new power outlet

HI. I plan to add an power outlet in a closet. Immediately behind the location of the new outlet is an existing outlet (the same wall on the other side).

My question is is what is the correct way to extend the wiring from the existing outlet to the new outlet - which wires do I connect too? Many thanks
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That other outlet is where? How many other outlets are on this circut?
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John Keast
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The other outlet that I would hope to take the power form is in a bedroom thats shares the same wall. so I can easily thread the wires to the new outlet. The new outlet position would be just on the other side of the same wall at the same location. Hope this makes sense

There seems to be 6 existing outlets on this circuit.
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You will need to offset the new receptacle to the right or to the left of the existing receptacle (you could also go up or down) so that the boxes will fit within the wall (assuming a normal 2 x 4 studded wall). You will want to remain in the same stud cavity so that you don't have to drill through and try to fish wires through the stud.

You can only add this new receptacle if the existing receptacle is wired with a ground (it is against code to extend an ungrounded circuit). Use a piece of NM-B type cable of the appropriate gauge (14-2, although it could be 12-2), and connect the new receptacle to the old receptacle, wire for wire. The black wires get connected to the brass screws, the white wires are connected to the silver screws and the grounds are connected to the green ground screw and to the metal receptacle box..
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John Keast
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many thanks. It is appreciated.

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