Need Help for 110v lighting wiring from existing 220v


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Need Help for 110v lighting wiring from existing 220v

I have a four inch submersible well with 220v. I recently built a garage next to the well and now want to put four 110 receptcles and two light switches in the garage. I am not an electrician and need some direction.
Can I come off the 220 power for the pump to supply 110 power in the garage. Should I run the 220 to a panel in the garage to supply 110 power and take 220 back to the pump or just pull 110 off the pump to a panel and breaker in the garage. Some detail direction would be greatly appreciated.
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Is the well pump still going to be in use? If so then no,the well pump circuit is dedicated & cannot be used for anything else.A new circuit must be run from the main panel to the garage
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Whether you plan to continue/discontinue the use of this well I would scrap the idea of using the well ckt as service to the new garage. The wire type feeding the well would probably not qualify as service wire for the garage sub feed, and it would probably not be heavy enough anyway.

Secondly, in running a separate and new sub feed to the garage, it may not be practical to change your well power feed from the house and run it from the garage. While the garage may be closer, you still probably have the pressure switch that controls the pump in the well (as well as your pressure tank) located inside the house on the water line.

If it were me, I'd leave the well alone, run a separate and new seb feed to the garage, and call it a day...
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As expressed by others, this is probably not feasible. In addition to their reasons, there is probably not separate wires for neutral and grounding in this pump circuit, which would often preclude a subpanel.

Adding a feeder to a subpanel in a detached garage is an extremely common electrical project. The details are many, but they are clear. Even if you don't want to do the electrical part, you can at least do the trenching and save yourself some money. We can help you get started if you want. The first thing to do is to figure out as accurately as you can how many kilowatts you will need, both now and for the foreseeable future. That number is essential to doing a good design. The next number that is very important is the wiring distance from your main panel to the garage.

If you want to pursue the very slim chance that the pump circuit is usable for this purpose, we need a lot more details. Start with what size wire, how many wires, what type wire, what size breaker, how far away? The questions about whether you are abandoning the pump or continuing to use it is also very important.

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