GFCI popping off


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Cindy in SD
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GFCI popping off

Hi there,

I have a circuit in my studio protected by a GFCI outlet at the beginning of the run. It includes a number of outlets and three flourescent lights. When I turn on the first flourescent light (the kind with two circular bulbs), the GFI sometimes pops off. It always works when I reset it and turn the light on again. The outlets all check out okay when I plug the checker thingie into them, and the other lights don't seem to cause any problem. The connections on the problem light seem tight. I haven't taken them apart yet as I haven't recently had anyone around to help me hold the light.

All the 110 circuits in my studio are protected this way (at the advice of the inspecter), and none of the others have this problem. Any ideas?

Cindy in SD
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If the GFCI is more than two years old, try replacing it. Ones manufactured in the last two years are much more resistant to false trips.
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Cindy in SD
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Thanks for your help. I'll do that.

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