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Ok you electrical gyros
My ? is I saw a house 1930 that had no main water valve but in the front
of house there was a water line that went under ground . it had a spiigot
but when i turned it on no water at all but . My ? is there was a green wire
ground that went to i believe the cable to the telephone pole, now if that
water pipe is not hooked up at all then the ground serves no purpose because
it is just hooked to a galv water pipe not in servic. I beleive they rerouted the
supply to come out from the rear yard. Am I correct about the ground ?
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Your question is very difficult to understand, but I will try to answer it.

The electrical system in a residence must be grounded. One way this is done is via the water pipes. It does not matter if these water pipes are actually connected to anything or not, if they extend underground far enough then they provide a decent ground.

However, depending upon what has been done to the plumbing in the house, it may be necessary to move the ground connection to a better location.
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My head sometimes spins, but probably not fast enough to be used as a gyro.

As Bob says, it matters not whether the pipe actually carries water. It isn't the water that provides the grounding but the metal pipe.

But grounding is very complicated. Whether or not attaching a wire to this pipe is proper or not depends on an awful lot of factors.
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Thank you guys very much. Much appreciated.
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Did you mean "tyros" or "gyros" ?

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