ceiling beam raceway question


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ceiling beam raceway question

I noticed that someone used the hallow decroative wood ceiling beams for a romex cable raceway for a ceiling fan and a dining room light is this a code violation in the U.S.A? I can see why the romex was run through the beam as it was the easiest and shortest route to its destination. by the way the romex cable just lays freely in the beam with no protective conduit.I suppose who ever wired this figured what would be the difference if the wire was hidden in a beam or behind a wall.
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Romex is required to be properly fastened. Inside proper walls, if run through holes in your studs, it has to be rin in the center, 1-1/4" from the edge, so that some idiot propably won't run a nail through it. I am unaware of any Article in the NEC that discusses fake beams per se. I suppose if your romex were fastened to the ceiling using romex staples and then the beam were put up it would be OK. But laying loose in the beam I believe is not OK with the NEC.

I am sure that if it is run in conduit and the conduit were fastened in place this method would be legal, and concealing it with a fake beam is a smart idea.

Hope that helps.


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