Junction Box on Wall?


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Junction Box on Wall?

Do all junction boxes need to be in the ceiling (I'm finishing my basement)? If not and I do put it on the wall (stud), How does a person make it "accessable". Thanks!
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It is made accessible, in the same way that the ceiling jbox is made accessible, a blank cover.
Sometimes it works out well if you can make the jbox double as a switch box or receptacle box so you don't have a blank on the wall.
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Thanks for the insight
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It's certainly possible to wire a complete basement or a complete house without any junction boxes at all. All splices can be made in receptacle, switch, and fixture boxes. Most houses are wired this way. In my opinion, you should design so as to avoid junction boxes that contain nothing but splices. The best way of deciding where to place junction boxes is to make the question moot.

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