110 vs 220/240


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110 vs 220/240


I'm the guy who has been putting in 240 volt Hydronic baseboard heaters.

I found I can buy portable Hydronic baseboard heaters for a fraction of the cost. The portables are 750/1500 watts.

My question is, does using 120 volts cost most than running 240 volts?

I find the 120 volt unit heats the room up as well as the 240 volt. Of course my intention is to save money which a lot question with the Hydronic heaters.

Any opinion and or help would be appreciated.
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A watt is a watt, and watts is what you pay for. 120 or 240, it's the same amount of power being used.
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As Speedy pointed out, 1500 watts is 1500 watts. The difference comes in the amps. On any typical 120 volt circuit, 1500 will be about the max you can go, as this will be over 12 amps. On a 240 volt circuit you can run 1500 watts on about 6 amps; on the same size wire that gave you 1500 watts on your 120 volt circuit, you could have 1500 watts @ 240 volts. So when a lot of watts are involved, the $ savings in smaller wire sizes to so the same work become important, not to mention the labor as the very large wire sizes are more cumbersome to work with.
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Thanks for the reply.

Are you telling me running the 240 is going to be cheaper cause it will take less amps, twelve with 120, 6 with 240?

Or, doesn't it matter, I'm going to use the same amount of power no matter what I go with, 120 or 240? If that's the case, which would you go with?

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The operating cost will be exactly the same.

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