electric service shut off now upstais has no power??


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Angry electric service shut off now upstais has no power??

Hello, I am a new condo owner and I am here seeking some advice. The power was shut of the the condo before I was able to get the service switched. The electric CO. turned my service back on, however since I was not going to be at the condo when this was done they told me to switch off all the breakers or they will not be able to turn the power back on. So I switched ALL the breakers I could find, to off (the ELEC CO. made it clear to me to switch all the small breakers and the main breaker (whatever that is)) on the panel. When I came back the following day I switched all the breakers back on. The furnace fired up and I figured everything was ok. My wife goes to do some work on the condo and finds that none of the upstairs is powered, the frideg isn't powered and only a few outlets downstairs are working (before this, everything passed inspection). Any Ideas on what my be the problem & what I may be able to do to check it. If it comes to it should I call the electric CO. or an electrician?

Thanks in advance
[email protected]

BTW, My condo is an end unit with 3 other units connected, the neighbors are just fine.
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Call the power company back. Now. If you're still up, call them right now in the middle of the night. If you read this on Sunday morning, then call them on Sunday morning.
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Question is this an emergency?

Thanks for the quick reply, The normal office is closed, should I report this as an emergency/outage?. Is the condo in danger?

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Call them now. This is an emergency. When half your power is out you have a problem with one of the incoming service lines. This is a serious problem. Usually this problem is due to weather. High winds, rain etc, can cause a wire to come loose.

In your case, it sounds like something went wrong when they disconnected or reconnected the service, since it was fine before they did anything. They will come out and check for free, and if it is their problem they will fix it. If, by some chance, it is not their fault, they will point you in the right direction.

Call them NOW.
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Smile Problem Fixed

It was a problem at the main breaker, the ELEC CO. came out flipped a switch and everything is working just fine now. Thanks you again for the fast replies and your help.


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