Advise needed before proceeding


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John in Roswell
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Question Advise needed before proceeding

Have been browsing here for a few hours and find it very informative. I would like your take on my project before I begin. I will try to supply as much info as possible.

I want to add a 220V outlet in my garage for a table saw (20A breaker and #12 wire recommended). I have a subpanel there that is fed by a 100A breaker in the main panel. All slots are full. The panel is a GE TLM1612C which has a max of 24 poles and will accept THPQ, THQL type breakers. The existing config looks something like this:

(1) 15A - Office outlets/lighting
(2) 20A - Garage outlets/bath outlets
(3) 15A - Family room outlets
(4) 15A - Furnace Blower
(5) 15A - Family room outlets/hall
(6 & 8) 25A(double) A/C
(7) 15A - Garage lights
(9 & 11) 20A(double) - pool cleaner
(10) 15A - Bathroom fan & lights
(12 & 14) 20A(double) - Jaccuzi Blower
(13 & 15) 20A(double) - Pool Pump
(16) 15A - Pool Lights

I was thinking that I would replace the pool cleaner and pool pump breakers with THQP220(half-height) breakers and install an additional THQP220 for my new outlet. I will be using Type MC 12-2 cable for the wiring.

Does this appear to be OK?


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Well, you cannot replace a double-pole 240-volt breaker with half-height tandem breakers because you won't get 240 volts. But you could either buy a quad breaker, or use tandems for some of your 120-volt circuits to make room for your new breaker.
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John in Roswell
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Thanks for the response.

The half-height breakers that I have purchased are double-pole 20A. Here are the specs.:

1/2" module, 120/240 Volts ac; 10,000 AIC. Copper-to-copper connections, calibrated for optimum trip performance, heat resistant thermoset cases and covers, cemented calibration screw. Nearly identical to Type THQL with the same design and performance, yet only taking up 1/2 the space. U.L. Listeed, HACR rated. 15 to 25 amp 14 - 8 Cu or 12 - 8 Al AWG wire, 30 to 50 amp 8 - 4 Cu or 8 - 2 Al AWG wire.

I can't replace the existing double-poles with these and get 240V? Not arguing, just asking before I have to make another run to the store. Maybe I got bum info at the store

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In some GE panels, you can get 240 volts out of half-height breakers, but only if you shift them up or down a half slot in the panel. Unfortunately, shifting them up an half slot normally means that it's difficult to use the other half of the slot for anything. The point is that you can't get 240 volts unless the breaker hits both power legs.
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John in Roswell
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Thanks for the clarification. I will get some single half-height breakers to make room for a normal sized double-pole breaker. That should take care of it.

Thanks again for the info and taking it easy on a novice.

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