Which way with the wire?


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Which way with the wire?

Hello. I just needs some advice, if you have the time.

I own an older home and the previous owners just drilled a hole in the subfloor and then stuck a 12 guage wire (non armoured) through the floor and then connected it to cook top range (no oven). It is on a 20 amp breaker, the wire runs in the crawl space now to the breaker.

What would be the best way to clean this up?

Should I run a new cable in the attic and down to a remodel box or should I just run a new cable in crawl space to the breaker to a remodel box. Is there specific code that requires through the attic? Running it through the crawl space is much easier to access, because of the joists in the attic.

I figure I should run a new cable, because the existing cable has the cloth style jacket and is starting to look a little rough along the line.

So what would be the best way??? In the crawl space or in the attic?

Thanks in advance.


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It's not clear from your post that anything is wrong. There might be, but there's not enough information to tell. Tell us exactly what you think might be the problem.
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Anything wrong?

John, thanks for responding.

Hopefully this is clearer. I do really appreciate your help.

The previous owner of the house ran a cable up through the subfloor underneath the crawl space. A hole was drilled about 3 inches from the wall (not inside the wall to an electrical box) The wire was then spliced to the cooktop range with electrical tape.

I am thinking that ideally, the 12 gauge wire should run either down from the attic by drilling a hole in the top plate and running the line to an electrical box (remodal box in this case, because there is no electrical box). As it stands now, there is no electrical box, just a cable coming up through the subfloor connected directly to cooktop stove, with electrical tape.

Alternatively, I could also run the line from the breaker and drill a new hole in the sole plate to a new remodel box. (no electical box is present)

After installing the new wire, I would purchase a 3 way cord for the cooktop stove and plug it into the new electrical box.

I was just wondering if by code there was a more appropriate way to run the new 12 guage cord? In the attic or crawl space. Is one more appropriate.
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If the line is on a 20 amp breaker the only problem is the taped up connection that is not in a box. You could come up the bottom into the wall if you wanted to make that change. There is no problem running the wire in the crawl space.

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